The Shinonome research laboratory could be an interesting demonstration of how a human being can fill his life. Love and care, good food, freedom to develop their talents. We could adopt a sharing and donation economy and leave all the work we have to do with the machines. People could only focus on developing their talents and pure fun.

We therefore want to radically abolish the domination and exploitation of man by man, we want that men, fraternalized by a conscious and intentional solidarity, will voluntarily cooperate in the welfare of all; we want society to be constituted for the purpose of providing all human beings with the means to achieve the greatest possible well-being, the maximum possible moral and material development; we want bread, freedom, love, science for everyone.

"Libertas (...) is not in its entirety utamur domino, sed ut nullo."

"Freedom (...) does not consist in having a good master, but in not having at all."
(Marco Tullio Cicero, De re publica, Book II, Paragraph 23)

By freedom we mean the condition for which an individual can decide to think, express and act without constraints, resorting to the will to conceive and implement an action, through a free choice of goals and the tools that he considers useful to realize it.

«The essence of freedom has always consisted in the ability to choose how we want to choose and why we want it, without constraints or intimidation, without an immense system engulfing us; and in the right to resist, to be unpopular, to stand up for your beliefs just because they are yours. True freedom is this, and without it there is never freedom, of any kind, nor the illusion of having it "[1]

So from a psychological point of view we can understand freedom as perceived by the subject:

    or negatively, as an absence of submission, of slavery, of compulsion for which man considers himself independent,
    or positively in the sense of the autonomy and spontaneity of the rational subject: with this meaning voluntary human behaviors are based on freedom and are qualified as free.




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