Hakase (Shinonome)
Japanese Name: はかせ (literally in kanji :博士)
Romanized Name: Hakase
English Name: Professor (literally in Japanese)
First Appearance: Episode 0
Affiliated: Nano Shinonome (created)
Sakamoto (pet)
Yuuko Aioi (friend)
Japanese VA: Hiromi Konno
English VA: Jad Saxton

Hakase is

☀a young scientist, who despite her outstanding intelligence, still reflects her age. Her true name is not yet known, as the word "Hakase" simply means "Professor", but her surname’s known to be "Shinonome." 

She loves sharks and snacks, and constantly modifies Nano Shinonome, whom she created, to add strange and unusual functions such as a machine gun right hand and a swiss roll dispensing arm. Nano, most of the time, is unaware of these modifications until they are first used. However, Hakase always refuses to remove the obvious wind-up key from Nano's back cause she thinks that it’s cute, despite Nano's requests to do so. 

She doesn’t go to school (apparently because she has already graduated) and then she spends her days playing around in the house instead. Hakase's family’s never revealed, and it’s unknown if she doesn’t have a family or simply doesn't live with them. Her home, labeled "Shinonome Laboratories" is inhabited only by herself, Nano, Sakamoto and her other sentient inventions.


Hakase has light-ginger hair and sapphire-blue eyes; her hair’s unkempt and there's a cowlick near the backside of her head. She wears an oversized white lab-coat that has no openings on the front or back, and it runs all the way to the ground. It resembles PJ's or a very large t-shirt that has lab-coat styling with collars and a red tie.


Hakase has above-average intellect, but she behaves like a spoiled 8-year-old child. She has an incredibly short attention span, and often it’ll drop or change the subject of a situation at any time. She will argue like a child and throw a tantrum if she does not get her way. She likes to have fun and laughs at everything, though this often gets her into trouble. She loves snack foods, although her favorite food's omurice (omelette rice). 

Despite her impressive intellect, very few of her creations have very little, if any, practical application, typically being made for a laugh or for showing off. One of her inventions include "Super Glue", an enormous tube of super sticky glue she made to pull a prank on Nano and Sakamoto (which she wound up getting caught in as well), two Biscuit androids (which they’re shown to be less than effective at anything), and various tricks and dispensary-devices she installs in Nano against her creation's will. 

She has a passion for sharks, and she’s often seen drawing them when not working on robots as well as enjoying "Shark Chocolate". She’s also deeply afraid of dogs, because they might bite her. 

While she's aware that Nano doesn't want other people to find out that she's a robot, Hakase often tends to forget about it, or simply doesn't share the sentiment. Hakase instead feels that Nano should be happy she's a robot, as she believes "robots are cute". This leads to a running gag where she promptly introduces herself as Nano's creator whenever she meets someone, much to the other person's surprise (and much to Nano's dismay). 




Hakase has a daughter-mother relationship with Nano

Hakase built Nano and she constantly installs random (or mostly she’s useless) functions into her without her knowing. Aside from the unknown modifications, they have a very close relationship which it led her to decide that Nano can go to high school in the second half of the anime. Hakase’s usually well-behaved when Nano disciplines her, but then she acts with authority whenever she remembers she herself created Nano. 


Hakase gave Sakamoto a scarf that allows him to talk, simply because she thought it would be neat. But then she quickly discovered that the cat had a condescending personality much to her displeasure, though she allowed him to stay with her. Although Sakamoto demands respect that an elder should receive, Hakase usually doesn't comply. Often, she blames Sakamoto every time that she’s at fault for something she didn’t do, though Nano typically sees through these attempts. But Hakase typically treats Sakamoto as a normal child would regard a cat, which it often leads him to being harmed or put him in danger. 


Rhinoceros Beetle

Hakase and Yuuko quickly becoming friends after meeting for less than an hour

Being similar in personality, Hakase and Yuuko have been good friends ever since they first met. She introduces herself to Yuuko as "Nano's creator", making all of Nano's efforts to hide her true nature useless. But Hakase's always very happy to be around Yuuko and she loves to play with her.


Due to her encounter with Mai's dogs, she didn't like her very much at first. However, when they met for the second time, Hakase was quick to open to her, because of a shark drawing she gave to her.

Hakase favorite foods and drinks


  • Roll Cake from Nano's left hand.
  • Sweet Bun from Nano's forehead.
  • Snack-Q (Snaq)
  • Omelette rice.
  • Castella Shark, (sponge cake shaped shark)
  • Choco-shark.


  • Strawberry milk.
  • Soda.


  • It's unknown if Hakase is related to Principal Shinonome, the current Principal of Tokisadame Highschool. Though they share a family name, they are never alluded to as being related.
  • For unknown reasons, Hakase desires the Akutagawa Prize, a Japanese literary award.
  • Hakase seems able to speak other languages; she said "Saranghaeyo" (Korean for I Love You) in Episode 6.
  • All of Hakase's clothes resemble long pajamas.
  • It is unknown how Hakase financially supports herself or the Shinonome Lab, as there is nothing to suggest her inventions are profitable in any way.

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Nano Shinonome
Japanese Name: 東雲なの
Romanized Name: Shinonome Nano
English Name: Nano Shinonome
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 0"
Affiliated: Hakase (creator)
Sakamoto (pet)
Yuuko Aioi (friend)
Mio Naganohara (friend)
Mai Minakami (friend)
Japanese VA: Shizuka Furuya
English VA: Monica Rial

Nano Shinonome is a robot created by Professor Shinonome (or simply Hakase). Nano lives with Hakase and manages the household. She is constantly being upgraded by Hakase without prior knowledge or approval. This leads to strange situations that Nano worries might reveal her android identity to others.



Nano and her mostly useless key

Although she is only 2-years-old, she has the average build and height of any other teenager. Her hair and eyes are black, her haircut being a bob cut which reaches the end of her neck, with a fringe. Nano sports a key in her back at the insistence of Hakase.

Nano Outfits

See: Nano's Image Gallery

She is usually seen in a bright red pullover with blue trousers when going casual, or a lavender T-shirt, a light blue dress and wooden sandals when doing household chores.

When attending school, she wears the standard school uniform, though her particular uniform is tailor-made so as to allow her to put it on without removing the key on her back.


Shinonome lab

Nano's home, the Shinonome Lab

Nano is a robot created by Hakase, an 8-year-old professor. She is 1 year old in the start of Nichijou, but has the appearance and intellegence of an average teenager. Nano lives with Hakase and Sakamoto at the Shinonome Lab. Being Hakase's primary caretaker, she is usually doing household chores like cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

Nano's key is mostly useless and spins randomly or when she is embarrassed or elated. When the key is wound manually, it launches her big toe into the air. Nano's key can be physically removed by anybody except Nano herself.

In the 2nd half of season, Nano starts to attend Tokisadame Highschool with the rest of the Nichijou cast (In the manga, she attends the school since the first chapters, with a flashback chapter about starting to go to school happening later). While technically never born, her 'birthday' is March 7th. [1]


Nano acts like a reserved, shy, teenager with insecurities about being a robot around others. Nano acts like a parent to Hakase and Sakamoto, so her personality around them is very maternal around the Shinonome Lab. Nano acts kindly and properly to others in general, but her insecurities about being a robot usually has her fibbing about herself. She initially disliked the key in her back not only because it was inconvenient, but also because it is a dead giveaway to the fact that she is a robot. However, in the final episode, when Hakase offers to remove her key, she realizes that her key is part of what makes her who she is, so she decides to keep it.

Despite being a robot, Nano acts completely oblivious to her built-in capabilities, and will frequently approach things as a normal girl would, either out of ignorance of her construction or her desire to be viewed as a human.


Warning: The following Section contains spoilers.


Nano learns for the first time she can dispense rollcake

Hakase gave Nano many hidden abilities, but Nano herself is typically unaware of them. Her limbs can also come off at random, to her great surprise every single time that she comes apart. Nano is usually unappreciative and embarrassed by her mostly useless gifts. Here is a list of the functions that were seen so far:

  • A massive explosion if she got tripped as depicted on the first episode of the anime. Causing Nano and other individual to be flown beyond where the explosion happened and it will cause damage to some infrastructure. Fortunately, a normal individual and Nano will survive the explosion, but some of Nano's parts and things with her will be missing at some point — I.E.: her arm, her other slipper, and her chopsticks.
  • A rollcake dispenser in her left arm. This was later modified into a fish cake dispenser.
  • A sweet bun dispenser in her forehead.
  • Removable toes. Her toes come off easily, and she has a USB flash drive concealed inside (its storage is 1GB). Her big toe, in particular, can be launched like a rocket when the key on her back is turned manually (This is actually the key's only purpose).
  • A digital watch built into her right arm; unlike her other functions, which are only activated by the Professor or by accident, Nano actually uses her (literal) wristwatch somewhat regularly.
  • A built-in cuckoo clock. When the clock rings, the cuckoo springs out of her forehead.
  • A toaster(with bread) on her head
  • A machine gun installed in her hand, which fires soybeans instead of bullets.
  • A rocket-propelled right hand. It usually flies off at random. It can fly for a very long time, and can travel very long distances: this was best shown when the fist was accidentally launched and flew around the town for a rather long time, only stopping after it hit Misato Tachibana on the head.
  • Super-strength and reflexes. This was shown in Episode 7 when she threw the ball at an outstanding speed.
  • Flight via rockets built into her feet. This was shown in Episode 15 when Hakase installs some "reaction function", and later she can controlled it by herself in Volume 10 chapter 178.

Outside of these, Nano possesses the intelligence and capabilities of a normal highschooler.



Tra la la

Nano was created by Hakase (right), an 8-year-old scientist

Although Nano is Hakase's creation and only 1 year old, Nano and Hakase have a mother/caretaker relationship. Hakase's usual child-like behavior has Nano acting like a mother to her and scolds her for it. Nano is also easily frequently irritated by Hakase's never-fulfilled promise of removing the key from Nano's back. For example, Hakase will promise to remove the key for an exchange of snacks, but Hakase usually finds a way out of her promise.


Nano usually treats Sakamoto as an elder, but she sometimes treats him as an ordinary housecat, to his annoyance.

Yuuko Aioi

Yuuko's curiosity about Nano being a robot is intimidating for her at first, but when Yuuko tells her that "Nano is Nano" (implying that she likes her as an individual regardless of her artificial nature), Nano is relieved and positively surprised. At that point, Nano invites Yuuko to visit the Shinonome Laboratory along with her friends whenever they want to.

Mio Naganohara

Despite her suspicions towards Nano being a robot, Mio treats Nano like a normal person. At one point, Nano tried to help Mio's work, only for her to overheat after seeing the manga Mio had drawn.


  • In the manga, Nano attended school from the beginning of the series as opposed to the anime where she enrolls halfway into the series.
  • Despite being an android, Nano has a bellybutton.
  • Aside from her fears of it exposing her identity as a robot, Nano's key causes frequent physical trouble for her as well. She has gone on record mentioning it causes issues with her wearing certain clothes, as well as inhibiting her ability to move or lay on her back.

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Japanese Name: 阪本(さん)
Romanized Name: Sakamoto
English Name: Sakamoto
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 0"
Affiliated: Hakase (owner)
Nano Shinonome (owner)
Kana Nakamura (former owner)
Japanese VA: Minoru Shiraishi
English VA: Anthony Bowling

Sakamoto is a black cat that was found by Nano Shinonome and Hakase. Sakamoto is able to speak while wearing a red scarf made by Hakase. He is older than both Nano and Hakase (20 years old in cat years), and prefers to be called "Sakamoto-san" to emphasize his authority.


Sakamoto is a middle-aged cat. His original owner was Nakamura, and Sakamoto's original name was Taisho. Sakamoto ran away due to Nakamura's bad cat ownership skills. Sakamoto was found on the street by Hakase and was soon adopted by Hakase and Nano. Hakase gave Sakamoto his name, only because the name from the box he was found in had the label "Sakamoto".


Sakamoto is a black cat sporting a red scarf. The iris of his eyes are narrow and vertical.


Sakamoto acts like a middle-aged man and usually speaks in a condescending tone towards Hakase and Nano. However, Sakamoto tends to act helplessly like a common cat when the situation calls for it. Sakamoto enjoys what other cats likes to enjoy, such as playing with toys or small objects. However, he tries to hide it from Hakase and Nano so as to avoid being seen as immature, although at times he can't hold it in.



Sakamoto gum ep4

Sakamoto is regularly pranked by Hakase

Hakase gave Sakamoto the ability to verbally communicate. Although Sakamoto demands respect that an elder should receive, Hakase usually does not comply. She makes Sakamoto feel like living in hell by giving comically horrific physical abuse to Sakamoto, usually in the form of a childish booby-trap. Hakase calls him by the name "Sakamoto“, instead of "Sakamoto-san", implying that she doesn't regard him as an elder. She puts the blame on him whenever she has made a mistake (For example, when Nano scolded her for eating snacks before sleep, Hakase blames him by saying Sakamoto told her to eat the snacks).


Nano gives Sakamoto food and takes care of him, unlike Hakase (which she asked). Nano usually treats Sakamoto as an elder, but at times she sometimes treats Sakamoto like any other house cat, as well. Nano calls him "Sakamoto-san", respecting him as an elder.

Kana Nakamura

Nakamura is Sakamoto's former owner. Nakamura was a careless cat owner, which was close to what he is living like right now. When he got the chance to escape from her care, he did it quickly.

Yuuko Aioi

In the Nichijou manga, Yuuko is aware of Sakamoto's ability to speak, which fills her with wonder and amazement. Sakamoto tends to ignore Yuuko, since despite never doing anything she asks of him, she is always amazed by the fact he can talk alone.

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