This article is originally written in Italian. The other translations are, temporarily, performed by google translate automatically. We are looking for members of the collective who would like to arrange articles in their native languages.


The Shinonome Research Laboratory, Shinonome Kenkyuujo in its original Japanese name, is an environment where all members can share knowledge, resources, time and enthusiasm in different activities. We are dedicated to playing, sharing knowledge and culture, teaching and studying languages, leading projects for the improvement of ourselves and our social contexts.

As for the game, we have formed several groups dedicated to different video games of the mainly MMO genre.

The games we currently play are Final Fantasy XIV and Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis and PSO2.

For each game and each group there is a dedicated menu and articles.


There is a discord server and a forum on our site that allow you to communicate. Discord is a platform more suitable for impromptu and almost ephemeral communication, while forums allow us to store content and share it via the Internet.


In addition to anyone who likes to be part of our collective, we are looking for people who wish to contribute by filling specific functions. We are currently looking in particular for:

1 People capable of managing a Discord server, in particular with reference to bots, roles, permissions.

2 People willing, even beginners, to learn how to manage a website, in particular referring to articles and the forum

3 People who deal with graphics and templates for the site

4 People who want to translate between their mother tongue and other languages ​​they have sufficient command of.

5 In addition to welcoming anyone who wants to join the game groups in FFXIV and PSO2, we are looking for people who are experts in such games who can serve as mentors and recruiters


We intend to start an online language school, we are looking for people who want to participate in the planning and perhaps willing to teach their mother tongue. The languages ​​we would certainly like to support from the start are Italian, English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, at various levels based on the skills of the teachers.


All the activities of the Shinonome Research Laboratory are founded on friendship, sharing, freedom and enthusiasm. All activities are free and free for everyone.


Operational, managerial, ordinary and extraordinary decisions are taken with the consent method by the collective staff.