features and good practices

1 we welcome any language. you can talk in any language with anyone. Just please, use english when we there are no other shared languages between those who take part to a dialogue.

2 we are an international team

3 if you join our text chat you will be able to keep in touch. if you join voice chat, you'll have real fun with good friends

4 ask for any kind of help anytime

5 please help the team with team points

6 any decision is taken by consensus decision making. no one has power over anyone else.

7 let's help each other and give priority to friendship and teamplay over competition.

8 remember to keep your priorities, this is a game and there are many more important things to take care of before focusing on pso2


1 we do quests together, especially EQ.

2 more experienced mates are always happy to help less experienced ones.

3 you can talk about anything in chat

4 we use discord both in text and voice chat

5 we have fun together