1 The shinonome research laboratory is an anarchist collective, founded on liberation from work and free time. There is no sovereignty, because no one imposes power, authority, defines rights or duties. The only discipline needed is internal, the voice of consciousness.

2 The inviolable human rights are not a concession, they are a natural condition, therefore the shinonome research laboratory does not guarantee them, it does much more. It invites all its participants to defend them, respect them, guarantee them and promote them. The founding right is that of anarchy.

3 There are no laws outside of individual consciousness. Since the inner voice is one for all, it is sufficient to listen to it for humanity to live in harmony. There is no need to remove social or economic obstacles, because money and discrimination do not exist. We are all intelligent enough to share goods and resources, respecting and solidarizing.

4 The shinonome research laboratory is keen to make people understand that the human is not a machine, it doesn't exist to work, it exists to create. The work of the human being, having ascertained sufficient technological progress, is from now on completely useless. Goods and services are implemented by automation systems, robots, computers and we understand each other. The citizen, who can finally rest after centuries of hard work, is encouraged to spend his time in research, to aim high, to evolve himself and to offer others the best of himself. And then, without work, we can all have a lot of fun, all smiling faces.

5 Since the shinonome research laboratory exists on the net, it is totally decentralized. Anyone can join it, anyone can contribute.

6 We use the languages ​​that seem to us, as long as I do not understand.

7 Since the shinonome research laboratory deals with - presumed - real life and not with - even more presumed - religion, we are all free to pray what you want, at home. What the shinonome research laboratory researches is philosophy, spirituality. We don't care about fairy tales about the end of the world, the rules dictated by some invisible guy. We cultivate doubts. We don't listen to voices from the outside, we listen to the inner voice.

8 Religions, outside the shinonome research laboratory, are fine. Outside we do what we want, happy.

9 Culture, scientific research, technical research, landscape, historical and artistic heritage. Let us do all we can to develop all this, it is useless for the shinonome research laboratory to encourage us.

10 There is no legal order. We follow our conscience, we do good. If we want to get confused, let's do it outside the laboratory, and come back here when we are in harmony with our inner voice again. We will find that this is enough to be in harmony with all humanity.

11 Abolished the concept of nationality, there are no foreigners or compatriots. There is only one human family. We come and go when and how we want, we are all welcome. Here we share everything.

12 The logo of the shinonome research laboratory is selected using the consent method. We agree.

13 Freedom is a natural condition. It is not in question. There is no judicial authority, since there is no authority. There are no laws, because we all know how to behave without the need of the mother who scolds us. In principle, it is enough not to break the bales of others, to live in harmony.

14 The shinonome research laboratory is located on the internet, it is difficult to speak of a home. Let's say we are everywhere.

15 Nobody cares about anyone's communications. In the same way, we promote open communication, information sharing.

16 Go and come as you please inside the shinonome research laboratory.

17 Being members of the shinonome research laboratory of nonviolence fans, everyone has the right to reunite as they please. Safety is guaranteed by the fact that we are all good men.

18 Let's associate ourselves as we like with whoever we want.

19 We do all the religious rites we want, outside the shinonome research laboratory.

20 We are all free to characterize our religious organizations as you wish, outside the shinonome research laboratory.

21 Freedom of speech is a natural right. Everything can be discussed. No opinion is more authoritative. Everyone thinks with his head here. We are all equally free to ignore absurd opinions. After all, the truth is what remains after all opinions have been compared. Ah, even if our opinions do not coincide, we love each other anyway.

22 Choose the name, nickname, surname you want. Nobody cares about identifying. Anonymity is also encouraged. Because we are all brothers and sisters.

23 Nobody demands anything from anyone. We are not machinery, we do not press a button to get something. We are all sacred beings and we respect each other in this way. We ask, we encourage, we accept, we refuse. It is shared.

24 There is neither offense nor defense, because we are all fans of nonviolence. We all love each other so much, we hug each other continuously. We all smile at each other. When someone is nervous, he takes two steps outside, and then goes back inside.

25 There are no judges or laws. We have all evolved enough to follow our internal consciousness.

26 There are no borders on the internet. There are no laws. Nobody can take anyone anywhere.

27 There is no criminal liability. If you get confused, we ask you to move away to think about it. If you do not go away, we will let you out, always willing to bring you back when you are good again.

28 There is no state, so we are all responsible for everything and everyone.

29 There is no family. We all love each other, we don't need to create small groups. We are all relatives of all.